Mattel Barbie Florist Doll And Playset


Mattel Barbie Florist Doll And Playset

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Barbie Flower Shop (GTN58).Explore the fun world of flowers with this Barbie set! If you love flowers and want to make beautiful bouquets, you can become a florist! The set includes a Barbie® doll (12″ (30.4 cm) wearing a cute striped apron with a pocket for tools, a flower shop bench and accessories. Also includes 3 colored playdoughs (yellow, pink and green) and 3 ways to display flowers as a magic. To make flowers, put the plasticine in the middle of the counter and place the “vase” on top. Push the side lever and watch the flowers appear in the vase!

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Dimensions 23 × 7 × 32 cm

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