Kaissa Board game Elves, Monsters And Socks


Board game for 2-4 players, aged 6 and over.

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Kaissa Elves, Monsters And Socks (KA114121): When the house is empty, the brave and advanced elves begin to congregate. But the little socks are always waiting in the dark! Look in chests and closets, find socks and be the first to pick up three pairs. Because monsters crave stealing lone socks, watch out for them, or better yet, send them to your opponents!

Contents: A 3D plastic board, 4 monster figures, 4 player pawns with their bases, 4 character cards, 36 tiles, 16 markers, 52 socks, 4 monster dice, 1 colorful dice, 1 bag, Rules

Game duration:
20 ′

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Dimensions 24 × 6 × 24 cm

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