BrainBox Board Game Mythology & Monsters


Board game for 1+ players, over 8 years old.

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Explore myths and legends from around the world with this exciting BrainBox. The BrainBox Mythology & Monsters includes some of the most beloved myths from around the world, with descriptions of action scenes. Meet heroes such as Hercules and Theseus and scary mythical monsters. The adventure begins now!

Some of the myths contained in this BrainBox are: The Pandora’s Box, The Trojan Horse, Odysseus and the Cyclops, The Twelve Deeds of Hercules, The Phoenix, The Centaur, Prometheus, Daedalus and Icarus. .

Goal of the game: Collect the most cards in 10 minutes.

  • Contains:
  • 55 cards
    1 card with rules
    1 hourglass
    1 dice

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