Hasbro Furreal Rockalots Musical Interactive Puppy


Furreal Rockalots Musical Interactive Puppy for ages 3+

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The furReal Rockalots Musical Interactive Walking Puppy is an irresistibly cute pet that rocks just as fast as the kids! When you take it for a walk, it plays its 3 fun songs: the faster you walk, the faster their tempo! When you cut a beat, the tempo of the song also becomes slower. This rocking pup comes with a guitar-shaped brush to brush his soft fur, heart-shaped sunglasses and a rainbow-colored skirt that transforms into a hair band! This interactive animal comes with a detachable two-part leash to take it for a walk on the floor. Push it with its leash and it will move forward with characteristic head bobbing, making sounds of pleasure just like real puppies, while playing its songs. So let’s take a walk through the house – and imagine we’re on stage!

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Dimensions28 × 13 × 25 cm

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