Desyllas Board Game The Dude


Board game for 3-5 & team, players, aged 16 and over.

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Typas (520143). He is relaxed, a little clumsy and always gets involved in the strangest situations. He is Typas! In this hilarious game, Typas is your best friend. The two of you, doing pantomime, will have to complete the craziest challenges. What will happen to you? Movie scene? A sport? A profession or something else? The other players have to guess what you do with the Press! Then it is the turn of the next player. Whoever collects the most points after 4 rounds, wins! And the Press? The press never loses! Contents: 1 inflatable type, 110 challenge cards, 1 scorebook, 1 inflatable type repair kit

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Dimensions 27 × 6 × 27 cm

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